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About Us

Our company was founded in 1974 by the deceased Nurettin Ugur. The purpose of the organization to realize the production of corrugated board industry box stitching wire. To this end, completely handmade conditions of the day, with their knowledge and experience has produced the first production machines.

Since 1994, business management and administration began to be referred to by Ugur Nurullah. So when we purpose to maximize production and maintain our parcels to ensure the quality of stitching wire. For this purpose the existing machinery has been modernized with today's technology, newand modern machinery has been extended.

By now the production capacity of 150 kg per day in 1974 and reached 1500 kg. Ugur Wire Drawing more than 400 kg has been serving the customer.

Turkey's annual consumption of 600 tons of wire in the box stitch 40% are covered by our company. Outside of Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus are also exports.

Our Mission & Quality Standarts

Our company, which makes parcel sewing production for wire production, is produced by machines which are winding at their precise tolerance values and manufactured by our own.

The products that meet the national and international standards as well as the products that meet the special needs of the customers are produced by the staff who have gained knowledge and experience with the principle of continuous development and adopt it as a quality lifestyle.

UĞUR TEL has adopted the goal of providing customers with the same expectations and needs in a consistent manner.

Our Vision

Our goal as a priority, the fulfillment of their work and quickly without sacrificing quality and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction oriented.

Provide timely and accurate delivery of the product as a.

Reasonable price and conditions of payment, to offer our customers the best service and qualitv.

Understanding and adopting innovative approaches to business life and a strong belief in total qualitv employees,

  • - Fast,
  • - Complete,
  • - Friendly,
  • - Provide effective services.